What to Put Behind a Dart Board to Protect Wall?

Once you have bought a set of darts and a dartboard, you would often get confronted with the question of “what to put behind a dart board to protect the wall.” Well, it is but natural to ask this question because there is always a great probability that the dart would miss the dartboard and hit the wall, eventually damaging it. Hence, it is always a good idea to set the dartboard on something that would protect the wall from inadvertent hit and damage.

Protecting the wall from accidental hits from darts is necessary because repainting and repairing a damaged wall due to hits from darts entails a lot of hassles. Of course, if you don’t want to use something like a backboard to protect the wall, you might as well use an electronic dartboard.

Advantages of Having a Backboard

Having a backboard to protect walls from accidental hits from dart pins comes with some advantages. Here are some of the upsides of using a protective backboard:

  1. First, it protects your walls from damage!

Well, this is the primary reason why you need to use a backboard. Moreover, this is the primary advantage of having a backboard for the dartboard. Sharp-tipped darts can surely cause much damage to your walls, especially if you are just learning how to play darts. Moreover, it is not easy to patch up the holes left by missed dart throws. If your wall gets enough damage, you may end up engaging in a major repair of your wall. So, putting a protective backboard is simply following the maxim that says, “prevention is better than total repair.”

  1. It Protects your Darts!

As mentioned above, near misses and actual misses leave your wall exposed to damages due to the sharp tips of the darts. Once the darts hit the wall, chances are the dart tips will also get damaged. The wall’s surface is not like the surface of the dartboard. More often, the wall is made of harder materials that could dull the tips of your darts. A backboard, of course, has a softer surface and could dampen the impact of the dart’s tip. Backboards are mostly made of corks and or wood. Thus, they are perfect for assuaging the impact of the tips of the darts in case of a miss.

  1. It Supports and Straightens the Dartboard!

Another advantage of having a backboard is that it backs up and straightens the dartboard. Some walls are slanted or not flat. Hence, putting a supporting backboard can surely straighten the dartboard and provide a more stable and flatter surface to set up the dartboard. It is good to remember that if the dartboard is not straight, you may end up having difficulty hitting your target. In a way, a good backboard can surely align vertically the dartboard even if the wall is slanted or uneven.

  1. It Enhances the Appearance of your Dartboard Setup!

If you simply hang your dartboard on the wall without any backboard to support it, the dartboard may appear incongruous to the other artifacts and gadgets in your room. Yet, if you set it up in the middle of a nicely made backboard, it becomes aesthetically good to look at. It can also fit in with the design of the wall. With the backboard at hand, you can spruce up your dartboard setup by adding other designs and features to the backboard.

Ready-made Backboard or DIY Backboard!

If you decide to have a backboard to support your dartboard and protect the wall, you would surely get confronted with the question of whether to choose between ready-made or DIY backboards. You will readily find online many ready-made dart backboards of various designs and made. Their prices likewise may range from several dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the made and design.

If you are in a hurry to get yourself a backboard, you can also buy a corkboard that could serve as a backboard for your dartboard. A perfect example of a ready-made backboard is the Dart-Stop 29-inch Professional Dart Board Backboard which is sold online just below a $100. 

On the other hand, if you have extra time to spare, you can build a backboard using materials that are immediately available in your stock or junk room. If you intend to engage in a DIY backboard, for example, you will need materials like wooden slats or cork foam sheets. You will also need tools like miter box and saw to cut the sheets or slats to resize them. You will also need a measuring tape, adhesive material, screwdriver, drywall screws, leveler, and a glue gun. There is always, of course, an inner satisfaction if you happen to create a backboard that is stylish and sturdy.


There is always that lingering question of what to put behind a dart board to protect the wall? As mentioned above, backboard can protect your wall and darts from damages. It can also support and straighten the dartboard in place. Moreover, you can also choose ready-made backboards or DIY backboards. Ready-made backboard, of course, is a more convenient choice that would not require you to sweat out in making your own backboard. However, DIY backboard will surely bring you enough satisfaction, especially, if you were able to create something stylish and artful.

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